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Successful restaurants use signage to attract potential customers into their locations. It’s important in today’s environment to catch them while they are making their decision with a relevant restaurant sign that pulls them in. At iBRAND+PRYOR, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of signage solutions specifically tailored for restaurants. Whether you require eye-catching bar and cafe signs or simple yet impactful outdoor and indoor signs, our team is equipped to design and create the perfect restaurant sign to promote, highlight, advertise, and inform your customers. Additionally, our commitment to accessibility is evident in our ADA-compliant signage offerings.

If you’re looking for more than outdoor signage, we can connect you with our best sign makers for handwashing signs, store hours signs, or other indoor signs? We can provide a full suite of everything you need that match the style and decor of your restaurant. Signs are the bread and butter of smooth operations. Are you expanding to multiple locations or run a family of brands? iBRAND+PRYOR will work with you to support all the signs you need to match the decor for every location and restaurant. Are you looking for a company that also does repair and installation for restaurant signs and across the US? Our company has a network of specialists that can handle your projects across all your restaurant locations.

More About Restaurant  Sign and Electronic Restaurant  Signs


At iBrand Visual + Pryor Signage, we know that striking restaurant signage is a powerful tool in the food and hospitality industry. Our award-winning design team creates a plethora of signs for restaurants, all designed to captivate potential patrons. Be it digital menu displays, creative café signs, or impactful outdoor restaurant signs, our creations aim to echo the essence of your brand.

With an array of signage for restaurants in our portfolio, we appreciate the need for a diverse approach. Each restaurant signage design we craft is as unique as the eatery it represents. Whether it’s vibrant signs for family restaurants or minimalist signage for high-end dining establishments, our designs are customized to fit your distinct identity, while always ensuring ADA compliance.

We extend our signage restaurant design expertise to indoor settings as well, where signs are critical for both decor and function. From information about store hours to necessary handwashing signs, we make sure every sign aligns with your restaurant’s aesthetic. Our restaurant building signs and interior signs work harmoniously to provide a cohesive and inviting customer experience.

As your business grows, be it expanding into a chain or diversifying into café and bars, we’re here to support your evolving signage needs. We craft the best restaurant signage that maintains brand consistency across all locations. Moreover, we understand that the upkeep of your signs is just as important as their design. That’s why we also offer repair and installation services for restaurant signs across the U.S.

Choose iBrand Visual + Pryor Signage for your restaurant signage needs, and let us help you visually communicate your culinary story.


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